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Design & Branding


Established in late 2009, Darcy is an innovative manufacturer of unique down-hole sand control technology, purposely built to replace gravel packing in oil & gas wells. A strong and motivated team, with years of experience in the global oil & gas industry, is at the core of Darcy. CP&Co. have worked closely with their marketing team to produce various marketing and exhibition materials including the creation of cgi images of their innovative hydraulic screen technology.


“The CP&Co. team have always been very helpful, creative and understanding of our needs. They have been great to work with on each project; producing work that is timely, meticulous and to the highest standard. They are more than willing to, and often do, go above and beyond to ensure their client is happy. I have no hesitation in recommending them and thank them for all their hard work….now and in the future!”

Paula Wesencraft, Marketing Analyst